Part of our strategy is to develop exceptional people who consistently deliver outstanding service...

Arcus has a technical training academy at the newly-created Londoneast-uk Business and Technical Park. The Academy incorporates a training room and two practical trainee workshops. This gives us a completely bespoke and unique learning environment where colleagues can learn theory and apply it in practice right away. This practical, hands-on approach to developing and growing our Engineer’s technical skills provides immediate, tangible benefits to our customer:

The Academy’s purpose is to develop a wide range of skills across all levels of Engineers including Apprentices on refrigeration, mechanical and electrical systems. Its purpose is to grow future Engineers through our Apprenticeships programme, whilst at the same time continually upskilling and updating qualified colleagues on new systems and latest innovations. We feel The Academy brings the following benefits to our business and to our customer:

  • Increased first time fix rate, as our engineers are trained on the equipment you have on your sites.
  • Working with the local community, developing them into the engineers of tomorrow.
  • Improving your equipment efficiency, our engineers understand your equipment, optimising its working capabilities.
  • Engineers get to build and share knowledge and expertise, learning in controlled environments.
  • Improved customer experience, as quality engineers with knowledge know how best to support your site.
  • Our people continue to grow and develop whilst staying update with the technology being used.