Safety Behaviours

Our safety is your future...

We pride ourselves on putting the safety of our colleagues as a priority and our initiatives ensure that our people feel safe and secure in their work, enabling them to focus their attention on delivering to the highest standards. When our people are confident and feel safe in their role, they shine.

Our business is built on our people and we treat them in the same way that youwould expect to be treated. Our colleagues carry out work on technical, complicated equipment on a daily basis. To ensure their safety we have strict processes to ensure the level of risk is kept to a minimum.

Health & Safety isn't just about making sure that our colleagues have the correct permit for the work that they are carrying out. It also means that they have the confidence to say when they feel unsafe with their approach to a job so that we can work together to develop a new method to ensure they can complete the work with the minimum amount of risk.

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