At Arcus we believe that excellent customer service is a minimum standard...


We believe we are a customer service company that manages our customers maintenance not the other way round. With many years of managing agent and engineering contractor experience, our expert teams deliver comprehensive effective solutions for integrated facilities management and system reliability.

We believe in adding value and our team works closely with our customers to manage and deliver strategic, proactive and sustainable maintenance programmes.


We believe that it is our people who make us great. That’s why we have strong recruiting, training, support and recognition processes in place that assist us in finding and retaining the best people in the industry.

Our engagement strategies involve all of our colleagues from the engineer on the ground to the Managing Director so every one is involved in the development of the organisation. Our Leadership and Technical Academies offer a structured set of development initiatives to help our colleagues perform at their very best.

We believe in continuous improvement and our Learning & Development team is committed to providing the best opportunities possible.

Read more about our approach to Learning & Development here


We will move forward with new and innovative ideas that focus on improving and advancing our current offering. We know that Technology will play a vital role in progressing our business so we can better support our customers today and with their future growth.


We constantly review the technology we use to provide smarter solutions for our customers. Through the trialing of cutting edge systems and techniques we aim to improve our productivity on the ground and through our Support Services teams. A good example is the introduction of our engineer scheduling system, Aeromark that helps us reduce travel time which improves our response to our customers and reduces our environmental impact. We aim to provide smart reporting to our colleagues and customers so we can work towards improvements using real time information and so that we can support any strategy changes over the long term.


As a facilities management and engineering business we are continually challenged by our customers to improve their environmental impact and make a positive impact on their sustainability goals. Through our environmental teams we are committed to reducing our customers carbon footprint while we also focus on our own operations with a view to reducing our environmental impact.

We have robust environmental and sustainability policies and procedures that are reflected in the way our business operates across the board. From the way we handle waste after every job to the way we manage our customers FGas usage Arcus ensures all of its colleagues fully understands their part in reducing our environmental impact.

To ensure we fully understand our legislative responsibilities we have qualified and accredited Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) colleagues within our business guiding our operation in the latest methods and technologies to keep us working at the edge of best practice in the industry.