Our values define us. They shape our relationships with both our colleagues and our customers, they lead us to work with honesty and integrity.

Our Vision

Arcus Solutions - To lead the way for FM through outstanding service and reliability, delivered by exceptional people.
Arcus FM - Growing a great FM business - the envy of others.

It is not just what we do that makes us standout, it is how we do it that makes us truly different.

Three key values underpin the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we treat each other. They are integral to our business and it is our values that makes us a great service provider. We work hard to align our working practices and values with that of our customers. We find that this approach has strengthened our relationships and enhanced both our level of customer service and our colleague experience. Our partnership approach has always given us a better appreciation and understanding of customers bringing us closer together. In Arcus we have a vision statements that further clarify how we approach our business:

We strive to improve every day and to offer the most efficient service. We provide sustainable, workable and lasting solutions to challenges. We seek alternatives that will save on time and money and foster a free-thinking environment that provides opportunity for innovation.

Do it WELL.
We take pride in our honest and diligent approach. We do so by maintaining an open dialogue with colleagues, suppliers and customers, putting their views first. We find solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure our customer has an understanding of the value and benefits of our actions. Safety is key in everything we do, and we never operate without taking every precaution to the wellbeing of both our customers and staff.

We perform every task to the highest standards and carry out our work with pride and purpose. We celebrate our successes and share best practice and knowledge with others. Our colleagues love what they do, which is evident in every aspect of our service.

If you would like Arcus to help you with your facilities management or maintenance needs please contact us we would love to help.