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Sponsors of Rayne Youth FC

Arcus Solutions sponsors under 9s football team.

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Apprenticeships at Arcus

Apprenticeships at Arcus

  • 4th October, 2015
  • Leadership & Development

We're delighted to welcome four Apprentice Technicians into the business.

They'll spend the next two years learning the skills and behaviours required of Arcus Technicians, whilst at the same time completing a BTEC qualification and an NVQ Level 2 in Maintenance Operations.

Their nominated Mentors will guide them and work alongside them on a daily basis. Each Apprentice will also have regular contact with their RFSM. I'd like to thank the Mentors and their RFSM’s personally - the clear commitment they have already shown to these young colleagues, the passion and drive they have to work with the Apprentices and to grow them is just so exciting!

Of course, we cannot say now what the future holds for these apprentices. But what I would say is that with so many of us all working together to grow them, and help them to be the best they can, I have no doubt that we're giving each of them a fantastic opportunity to start their careers in the facilities management industry.

With the Mentors and RFSM’s continued support we can be hopeful that many of them will see through the next two years of their learning journey with Arcus.And who knows, maybe we will still have some of them working alongside us in a few years’ time – our next generation of RFSMs and ZFSMs!

Ruth Bishell
Posted by, Ruth Bishell

30 Sep
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AFM ISO9001 Audit Passed

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