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Go Live with Infor EAM

Go Live with Infor EAM

  • 3rd November, 2015
  • Innovation

Arcus Go Live with new procurement software

November 3rd, saw the introduction of the Infor EAM procurement software, allowing the business to have full visibility of all purchases across both sides of the business – allowing both business streams to send Purchase Orders electronically, without the aid of XL tracker sheets.

Infor EAM will become the central repository for all the data invaluable to any company, allowing us to monitor sales trends, plan future purchases more accurately, gather accurate data for the part of the tender process, and to aid with any negotiations with Parts Suppliers, Service Providers & Sub-Contractors alike.

The system which has been developed and tailored with the support of Sapphire Systems allows for 3 way matching of invoices – that being the, “what did we order?”, “Did we receive what we ordered?” “Have we been invoiced for what we ordered & received”, so the benefits to Departments other than Procurement are obvious, as it makes invoice matching more efficient for Finance.

This is only the first phase of testing. Before we progress to the next, we shall ensure that any learnings we’ve made, are captured & communicated accordingly in phase two.

Ray Hunwicks
Posted by, Ray Hunwicks
Business Development Co-ordinator
28 Oct
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Arcus Solutions sponsor Hockey Team

Arcus Solutions are now sponsors of Folkestone Optimists Hockey Team.

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