A glowing maintenance service…

We know that lighting is important whether it is to keep you and your customers safe in times of darkness, you are making changes to reduce your carbon footprint and cost or ensuring your buildings and your brand stay radiant and welcoming for potential customers.

Nationwide we have engineers delivering these important maintenance requirements replacing and installing entire LED lighting solutions to improve energy efficiency and make buildings look bright and presentable. We carry out regular preventative flash testing checks to ensure that sites emergency lighting remains compliant.

We have a flexibly skilled team of engineers that are trained and qualified to deal with all your lighting needs, whether it is rewiring, tracing power supplies or day to day issues that can occur which involve emergency light batteries, controls and lamp replacement. Regardless of sites size we are already carrying out maintenance for small and large sites ensuring regular visits keeping them shining brightly.

To discuss how we can assist with your lighting, please contact us today.

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