You want your business to run as effectively as possible, so do we. We use smart reporting to manage ourselves and our suppliers.

Our Management Information team supports all areas of the business. They provide vital reporting and analysis that ensures our customers needs are met whilst confidently informing on strategic planning. Our team of highly skilled professionals, with backgrounds in Computer Sciences and Mathematics, use system management and statistical data analysis to deliver a first class service, improve performance, and drive change within our customers organisations. This data also enables us to develop effective strategies for our customer. The team excels in data manipulation and analysis, collecting and deciphering complex information, and presenting this information as user-friendly management reports at a senior management and board level.

In an industry where change happens continuously, a dynamic approach is vitally important. Our colleagues are a team of diligent and proactive service agents focused on delivering an excellent customer experience. Exceptional customer service is the key, and we empathise with, understand, and support our customers to ensure that we provide a great level of service, together with the best possible experience.

The team work closely with colleagues throughout the business to ensure a seamless and high quality service is delivered, from Communications and Health & Safety, to Field Operations and Management Information. Whilst also having our contractors managed through our performance management team, who liaise with the rest of the business to ensure our contractors work on achieving their SLAs and KPIs so you are getting the service you are paying for.

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